I am happy when…

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I believe that only very very very few people are blessed to have a “perfect” life..Apart from them,many of us might feel that our lives aren’t perfect..We might have many problems and challenges and we try hard to overcome them…But still, some incidents make us to feel happier and it helps us to forget our problems at least for some time…

I really love those moments which helps me to enjoy life..

I am very much happy When:

  • I am in a beach and I see waves dancing beautifully..If I am alone there, then I am ecstatic..
  • I am doing what I want without interference from others..
  • I travel listening to melody songs of Illayaraja and A.R.Rahman and of course, window seat is added advantage!!!
  • I get surprise gifts from others and also when I gift my loved ones when they least expect..I love seeing joy in their eyes..
  • I am not disturbed while reading books..
  • I buy any artistic items – let it be anything like showcase items,wall hangings etc,I love them.
  • I get completely drenched in rain and also eat ice cream at that time..
  • I hear chirping sounds of birds in my balcony…I also feel happy when I am watering and talking with my cute plants..
  • I play with little children..I feel childhood is best part of a person’s life..
  • I meet people who are honest and who fulfill their commitments ..
  • I help others and when I am being helped by others..I am grateful for all help I received..
  • I say “No” to people whenever I feel that I am being “used” by others..
  • I still move on my life with all its ups and downs..I feel challenges which I face in life always teaches me a good lesson for ever..
  • I avoid and move away from toxic persons who enjoy hurting others’ feelings..I love that liberated feeling a lot..

Given above is the list of things which makes me happy.. I think that happiness is a gift to be cherished forever in life..

(Courtesy: Google images)

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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