Some questions and my answers…

If I were you, I would never have resigned my job..You are wasting your education..

Aren’t you bored being in home without job ?? Earlier you were so busy, how are you managing your time now ???

Why are you not supporting your husband with your salary?? You don’t have more work in house, so why can’t you go to job??

Anyway you have more time now, why are you not visiting us ?? Relatives are very important…

Did your husband ask you to resign ??

Given above are some of the questions that I am asked frequently after I left my job…

Though I answered them back immediately, I am really pissed off..I don’t like to shout at others, but I am afraid I may not be polite when such questions are thrown at me in future…

I wish I could answer them back as given below: (To some persons, I have replied back instantly, but there are few to whom I couldn’t do so due to many reasons)

I studied hard and got my professional degree..Did you study for me during that time?? It is my life and I feel I am not wasting my education..It is my choice and you don’t have any rights to question me..

Did I tell you that I feel bored?? I can do whatever I want and please don’t poke your nose..I know how to manage my time..

Why are you worried about my husband??? My hubby doesn’t need my support now and we will take care of our financial planning.. It is none of your business…Don’t worry, we will never ask you for money..

Yes,I have free time..But it doesn’t mean that I have to visit your home…I only have to decide if you are important for me and not you..

I might have left my job for any reason..What bothers you ?? Why are you dragging my husband in to this?? It is a mutual decision and I know what I am doing…Why should I explain our decision to you???

I feel it is high time that others’ mind their own business..I have never asked these kind of questions to anybody..I maintain my distance as I respect others’ privacy and I expect them to reciprocate the same..

2 thoughts on “Some questions and my answers…

  1. should I say “welcome to the reality world babe”.. hugs Sadhuvi.. Sadly this is how the world works.. Even though we respect other’s privacy they need not to dear.. Just ignore or hit the mute button!! Hugs…

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