‘I am Death’ by Chris Carter -Book review

As I have already mentioned many times in my blog , I love reading books and they are my perfect companion..I usually read all genres of book and crime thriller and detective stories are one of my favorite ones…

Chris Carter  – I  really don’t know how I missed reading  this author earlier…I feel bad that  I have read only three of his books as of now (One by One,An evil mind and I am Death)…Carter’s books are a perfect blend of all elements and the plot of his stories are so engaging and thrilling…

OK, let me start  my review about this book “I am Death”…

Author starts his story from a woman who gets abducted from the house where she is employed as a part time baby sitter.. After seven days,she is very brutally killed and the killer calls himself as “I am Death” … This case gets assigned to detectives Robert Hunter  and Carlos Gracia…Both detectives are astonished as there are no clues left behind by the killer..They start frantically searching for the killer.Robert Hunter is worried as the killer starts abducting women, kills them and leaves a note..Hunter is sure that the killer is  a psychopath and a monster..Methods he use to kill the victims are so violent and he enjoys torturing them to the core…

Author also mentions about a young boy who is abducted and treated badly by Kidnapper…Hunter tries to track down the serial killer at the earliest ..Whether Hunter is able to find out the killer makes the rest of the story  very very engaging till the end…

I have to mention that the climax  of the story in which Hunter finds out the real killer is mind blowing..It is really good as readers couldn’t guess/ expect that person to be the killer..

The way killer kills the victims are very violent and the author explains the tortures  abducted young  boy faces in a very detailed manner..

If you have read Carter’s earlier books, you will accept that the author talks a lot about psychology..In this book also he explains about psychopaths and how certain incidents change a person totally..

Overall, I loved reading this book and I feel it is worth reading if you are interested in crime thriller books….


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