A lunch date…

I don’t remember whether I have mentioned it here earlier, but I love North Indian Chat items a lot…We have visited Sree Gupta Bhavan in our area for having chat items in weekends and I love their Pav Bhaji a lot…

Me and my husband had our lunch there before some days and taste was really good..For starter, we had French fries which was hot and crispy..


French fries

Then we ate Butter Naan and Kashmiri Kofta..Naan was soft and kashmiri kofta was so yummy..



Butter Naan and Kashmiri Kofta..

We also had Vegetable Biriyani (I forgot to click photo of the same) and it was tasty, but I felt that it was bit oily…

Then for dessert, we had Hawaain fantasy icecream..I loved the presentation so much and the ice cream was placed in a pineapple..There were around 4 flavours and all were yummy..I liked it so much..



Hawaain fantasy 

We totally paid around Rs.750 for our lunch…I personally feel food to be good here…

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