This & that…

I haven’t posted anything for last 2 days..hmm..What is the reason?? Might be I got bored and didn’t like to write senseless posts…hahaha..(Unmaiya othikita enoda mana thairyatha paratunga makkale!!!)

I bought a new mobile last week and I was busy exploring the various options in it..I am loving it!!!!

I am typing this post while eating kesari which I prepared this evening..


I know I am not good at taking please bear with me!!!!

I have many things to discuss but something stops me to express it here..hmmmm..But a voice inside me tells that I would soon write about it in my space..I really don’t understand how some people do some things even after knowing that it is wrong???? They badly hurt others and act as if they are so good..

OK, I have to start preparing for dinner..I know it is a very random post with no connection..

But, what to do???? “I am cornered, I am helpless” ( remember this dialogue in super star rajinikanth’s film SIVAJI)…hahaha…




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