Memes and Social Media…

I thought of writing about this topic a few days back.. I kept on postponing the same due to many reasons…But, now I feel it is right time to pen down my thoughts here..

These are my own personal thoughts and it may be different from what others think..

OK, I am not a serious user of facebook and whatsapp..I share information, photos only when I feel it is important for others to know..I am not here to judge or criticize others who are a big fan of both FB and Whatsapp..I fully understand that it is their own wish..

But what bothers me is that, some people share/forward whatever information they get to others without even checking whether they are authentic or not..

Memes are very famous nowadays..There are some memes which makes us laugh and think..I too like those memes and I understand it is very difficult for meme creators to express what they feel in a short manner..

There are also some meme creators who cross the line and create some indecent, unacceptable memes..They attack everybody who have different views when compared to them..Those meme creators fail to understand that everyone is entitled to have their own opinion..Few of them criticize others using unparlimentary words which is very bad..I wish to reiterate that I accept there are many good meme creators who want to create awareness on many problems..I am talking about those few meme creators who misuse the same..

OK, I am writing this post after going through many memes which were shared in social media..There are some people who just share those memes without even knowing or fully understanding the news/issue clearly..I personally feel that it not right thing to do..Nobody has a right to criticize others very badly, even if they have different opinions..

Memes and social media have their own advantages and disadvantages..I think it is our responsiblity to seperate good and bad ones..We shouldn’t fall prey to fake information/indecent memes and it is high time to think deeply and share/forward in social media…

I hope we understand the sensitivity of certain issues and use social media accordingly..We have to be alert as there might be many hidden agenda and we shouldn’t let others fool or use or provoke us for their own selfish agenda…

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