Jallikattu and Politics…

Disclaimer: Views expressed here are mine and as you know, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and these are my personal thoughts..

I have mentioned on my earlier post Jallikattu…  about importance of Jallikattu and how students protest for the same..I wish to mention again that I support the same and hats off to students who united for this common cause!!!!

I am writing this post as I feel that the main issue of  this protest is being cleverly manipulated by some people who are misusing the power of students and trying to get benefits from this unusual situation..Students are truly protesting for Jallikattu but few persons’ ambition is not the same…

I wish that students understand the true color of those few persons and decide accordingly..It is important that they shouldn’t be misguided…

There are few people who rise anti national slogans in this protest..I felt really bad on seeing those..I accept I too feel angry when central government shows no apathy on our state on many issues..But raising anti national slogans is not a solution for these problems..We can oppose respective governments but not our country…I strongly feel that we have to fight against cheap politics by certain political parties and not against country..There are few who use unparlimentary words on public and social media..They forget that basic decency is needed and a bad example is being set for younger generation..

I  truely appreciate the selfless efforts of students for Jallikattu issue..I strongly feel that their efforts shouldn’t be misused  and they shouldn’t allow others to cheat them and play dirty politics in this sensitive issue…

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