• Some people are trying hard to imitate others??? They try hard to impress others by dressing or behaving like one particular person..I feel it is totally foolish thing to do..Everybody is different and they can’t become another person even though they try harder..These people don’t believe themselves and don’t have self confidence…
  • There are so many posters in my city? I can see posters of different kinds here – politics, family functions, deaths, etc..There are some posters which make me laugh..I used to think from where they get these kind of ideas..Especially in posters by political parties, I wonder how they get different titles for praising their party leaders…
  • it is perceived that wearing silk sarees and jewellery is important for functions in general??? Why others question us if we dress according to our wish and comfort??
  • some bikers go fast in road as if they are in race??? Why they don’t care about their safety and also other’s safety?
  • some people do anything for getting publicity?? Why some media go behind those people for sensational news? Why few media are more concerned about reporting any news first?Why they don’t check authenticity of news first before making it public?
  • some educated people still have young under aged girls as their servant maids? Why they don’t feel that it is wrong to employ them?
  • some people don’t vote in elections but criticize everything in our country??
  • Am I running short of ideas for this obligation????

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