Where is She???

I loved to think about her many times..

She always had a smiling face..

She was  full of positive energy…

She was ready to take hard challenges..

She had a fighting spirit which was unbeatable..

She was never afraid of anybody in her life…

She believed more in herself than others..

She fought with her mental and physical pain very bravely..

She took life as it is and enjoyed the same..

I  missed her very badly…

I prayed God that I should meet her again very soon..

God laughed at me and didn’t reply..

I was angry and asked Why He laughed at me..

He replied :

“She is still within you and she had always been with you..

She never left you even for a moment..

It was you who ignored her..

You stopped believing in her..

You can see her again only when you truly wish and believe”

I was shocked to core and couldn’t answer to God..

Yes, it is true that I have ignored a true part of me all these days..

She is what I was earlier and I miss her now very badly..

I am trying hard to get her back within me now…

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