This or that…

My life had taken a complete U turn since last year when I left my job…Leaving my job after 10 years of experience was a difficult decision..But finally I have to take it..

I was totally busy in my job and I loved it..Thanks to traffic –  it took more than 1.5 hours to reach office from my home..My mornings were always busy due to breakfast and lunch preparations for us and then me starting from home..I spent my travel time in reading books and my favorite blogs..After reaching home, I would be busy preparing dinner and cutting vegetables for next day..Routine was hectic and even Saturday was working day for me..

Now, my husband leaves very early for work when compared to last year – Breakfast and lunch has to be ready before he leaves – I cut vegetables the previous evening and store it in refrigerator – I wake up early and complete cooking work on time …After my husband leaves for work, I clean up the kitchen and do the remaining works..I have plenty of time as I can’t sleep in afternoons..I read books, browse and keep myself busy..I feel relaxed and do what I wish to do…

So, What phase of life I enjoyed – working or non working – I think I enjoyed both, both are different and have their own pros and cons..There are some people who ask me why am I not  going to job..I usually laugh and don’t reply to them..I strongly feel that it is an individual’s decision and it depends on their priorities..I don’t know when some people will stop intruding on others’ life..I may or may not go to job in future – What bothers them???

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