A weird dream…

I was sleeping and suddenly I heard my grandma calling my name.. I saw her sleeping near me and was hugging me like the way she always did..Then she complained of chest pain and I tried to get up so that I can take her to hospital urgently..But she didn’t let me do so and again hugged me and asked me not to leave her at that time..She told that she always loved me ..Her grip was very strong, somehow I managed to get up, ran faster and managed to get an auto..Finally, I carried her to auto and was going to hospital……

This is the dream that I had yesterday night..

When certain incidents happen, it looks so real that we ought to believe the same without any doubts..I believed that dream completely and was praying God to save my Grandma..I woke up suddenly and I realized that it was a dream..

My grandma died around 12 years ago ..I was not there near her when she died as I was in another town.. I had seen her in my dream for 2 to 3 times and my last dream was 4 years ago..In my earlier dreams she was always laughing at me… But yesterday’s dream was something different…I was able to feel her and relate it to the way she hugged me when I was young..

I can’t interpret anything from this dream, I feel it is really weird..I am really confused…

So, What about you ??? Have you experienced any weird dreams???

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