I can’t get answer to this question which I am asking myself all these years – Why am I not able to sleep on afternoons????

I have tried everything I can to sleep, but as usual, I am not able to do that..I have plenty of time to sleep in afternoons, but I can’t…Even while I was working, I never slept on sunday afternoons..I sleep only when I have headache or cold or fever…

Last week I had this starter in a restaurant:


It is named as “Grilled Vegetable quesadilla”…My husband loved it …I felt it was Ok..We have visited almost all restaurants in this area..We usually eat outside twice a month, mostly on Saturdays..I was telling my husband that we should try not eating out for a month..He laughed at me as it is very difficult to follow..I am seriously thinking about it..

Recently I read this quote in tamil:

“Nam Vazkaiyil ella thunbangalukkum  iru thirvugal oondu …Ondru kaalam, matra ondru mounam..”

Translation is :

“There are two solutions for all sorrows in our life – One is time, another is silence”

I loved this quote..How true it is !!!!

I am unable to think any  meaningful title for this meaningless post..hahahahha..

So, I kept the title as “S…S…Q…. ”

“S…S…Q…. “ means “Sleep…Starter…Quote”…

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