What you did…

…yesterday  and how you celebrated New year ??

Myself and my husband welcomed this new year in our house along with my brother and sister in law..They came around night 11’o clock  on 31 st December due to heavy traffic..We had a great time and had a yummiest chocolate truffle cake at 12’o clock..

After that, we were talking till 3 AM and finally slept..Next day, we woke up around 7 AM and after filter coffee, I started preparations for breakfast..Me and my SIL prepared godhuma dosai and tomato chutney..

After breakfast, we all were too lazy to go outside and so simply watched TV..For lunch, we ate Pizza and slept well..My brother and SIL left our home yesterday evening…

Overall,it was a wonderful day spent at home in a very leisurely manner and we enjoyed a lot…

My dream is to celebrate new year in a beach…I don’t know when it will materialize, but I wish it happens at least next year…

So, tell me, how you welcomed 2017 ????

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