New Year and resolutions…

I am very happy to start my first post of 2017 by wishing you all a very happy new year..

I pray God that all our dreams should come true in this New year…

One of my friends asked me about my new year resolutions..I laughed  and said that I don’t have any..She told me that every year she had some resolutions but she broke the same within short time..But still, she made resolutions next year also!!!!

We had a good laugh and I thought why can’t I think about the same..I feel that irrespective of results, it is worth putting some effort for our resolutions…

So, my new year resolution for 2017 is:

“I should have neutral thoughts..I don’t want to think either positively or negatively”

Ok, I have to explain myself here…I have this habit of thinking negatively from my childhood days..For any issue/problem, I used to think negatively first, but in the end  I would always get positive results..I perceived that I would get what I wish only if I think negatively..It really happened that way in many instances and so I followed the same..

When I was in college, I tried to think positively in some problems..But the end result was not the one that I desired..I was so much worried and was back to negative thinking…

My theory was “I would get what i wish only if i think negatively..I can’t bear to lose due to my positive thinking”…I know it is immature and stupid way of thinking, but I couldn’t change myself..

My new year resolution this year is to think neutraly whenever I face issues in life..

I shouldn’t think extremely – either positive or negative..

So, What are your New year resolutions ??? What do you think about taking resolutions???

12 thoughts on “New Year and resolutions…

  1. oh I used to be like that too. But I guess, on a positive note, what we were really doing was “Plan for the best Prepare for the worst” LOL
    Wishing you a very happy and positive new year 😀


  2. Happy new year! Nice reading your blog. I had very similar thought processes, always believing that I would jinx my results of I thought too positively…good luck on your resolution!


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