Blogathon 2017…

I have been a silent reader of some blogs for many years…I am a big fan of blogging marathons in particular as it helps in reading many posts by my favorite bloggers..

Though I wished to start blogging earlier, it happened only during March 2016.. I am in love with this space as I am able to express myself here..

I read about Blogathon 2017 in R’s mom blog post  So Who is In? …I was not able to resist the voices inside my head which tempted me to participate in the same..So I went ahead and enrolled for the same in Maya’s blog and I am very much excited…

I am looking forward for January 2017 and I am sure it is going to be a very good experience..I really don’t know whether I will be able to successfully complete the marathon, but I also feel that there is no harm in trying..Isn’t it???

So, if you want to participate please comment on Maya’s blog and join in Blogathon 2017!!!


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