2016 – A year of Gratefulness!!!


Time flies really very fast and year 2016 is almost completed… I am looking forward for new year and new beginnings…

I have decided that I would write down various events which happened in my life in 2016 to which I am grateful to God..It is not just about my happy memories but also about certain sad moments which made me have a new perspective towards life..It pained me like hell when such bad things happened but it also made me understand the true color of people whom I trusted a lot..

I am fed up with negativity surrounding me and I really want to feel positive..So this post is all about all events in my life to which I am grateful to God..I don’t want to sound philosophical, but some times I feel there is nothing so good or so bad..Life can take a complete U turn  any time and it can change good to bad and vice versa..

Year 2016 started with me searching for a new rented house..In 2015 we were living in single bed room flat and we wanted to shift to double bedroom flat..I wished to get a flat with spacious rooms and a nice balcony..I am grateful to God for helping me to find out a perfect flat  with 2 balconies and I really enjoy living here..I love the time I spend in balcony with a cup of tea in mornings..

During February, I resigned from my full time job after 11 years of experience..I loved my job to the core, but yet I resigned as I wanted to know how the other side of life will be..My husband also thought that it was high time for me to leave the job..Being at home was a new experience to me and suddenly I had time to do everything in my life..I enrolled myself in a local library and started reading many books…

March 2016 is the month in which I started to blog..I have been reading other blogs for many years and I suddenly thought about starting a blog and penning down my thoughts…I  am  very happy as I have my own platform where I can be myself..Blogging is very exciting as it helps to rediscover my first love of my life – Writing.

April 2016 was a routine one and  in May 2016, I started planning for our small vacation which finally happened in June 2016..We had an enjoyable trip to Nainital and Corbett during June..It was a very nice experience and a good break from our routine life…

I really thank God for whatever is happening  in my life from July 2016 to  till now,december 2016..These are the months which taught me to be strong and face various hurdles in my life..Yes, I feel ashamed to accept that I trusted certain people whom I really shouldn’t have…I loved them and adjusted many things for their happiness..

I know I wasn’t selfish towards them and cared for them a lot..I thought that they also loved me but I was wrong completely..It still hurts me a lot..But I learnt a  very good lesson that believing others blindly is wrong ..There are some kind of people who will never understand true love and affection and it is good that I understood their true color at least now..It is high time that I should throw them out of my mind  so that I could live in peace..

Thank you again, my dear God, for both Good and bad that happened in my life in 2016!!!!

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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