Unhealable wounds…

Before some years, I came across a problem which I never thought I would face even in my dreams…

It pained like hell and it took more time to accept and acknowledge the problem..I was so devastated that I asked myself “Why me??” question several times..

Finally, I understood that I have to live with it and over time I believed that the wound had healed for ever..I was strong and never showed my true feelings out to others..

Recently I came across a situation which brought back the old pain again and I found out that the wound had never truly healed..It hurts me like hell now and I am trying my level best to come out of it and I really doubt whether I will succeed or not…

I am forced to act as if everything is normal around me..People around me expect me to feel happy for their victories..Whenever I see or think about this, I feel that I have been a loser in my life..

Others are not sensitive towards my feelings but they expect me to do so whenever they are concerned..

I understand Life is not a bed of roses, but it shouldn’t always be a bed of thorns, right???

I am expected to walk around, smile at everybody and enjoy with them even though my heart is full of grief..If I don’t do so, then I am a bad person who is not caring for others..

To be frank, I am not concerned about what others think about me now..

I am praying God to give me enough strength to cope up and I really want to believe that I will be able to fight back..

There is a saying that “Everything happens for a reason” and I feel that it is high time that God should atleast let me know the reason behind all these problems….