Cyclone Vardah …

I think I will never forget this 12th of December in my life..That was the day I witnessed the fact that  “Nature” is ultimately  superior and powerful…

Yes, I am talking about cyclone Vardah that hit Chennai before 3 days..On 11 th of December, many news channels had flash news about cyclone vardah going to strike chennai the next day..I watched the same and to be frank, I didn’t expect the cyclone to be this worse..I prepared idly dosa batter which is my regular Sunday activity.

I started preparing both Nel and Aval Pori Urundai  for Karthigai deepam on 12 th December..My full concentration was on that preparation and I was very happy  that it turned out nice…I didn’t know that I would not be celebrating karthigai deepam next day…

After finishing, I started watching news  about weather…I could sense that it is going to be critical…There was light drizzling and we had dinner…When we went to sleep, it started to rain heavily..

On 12 th December morning, I could see that it had  started to rain very very heavily…We are in second floor and I watched rain from my balcony…As expected,there  was no electricity..Sky was very very dark.

The wind flow was very heavy and the sound was really deafening..I really can’t  express what I felt at that time…I have never ever have seen the wind blow at that speed all my life..From my balcony, I saw many  trees falling due to heavy wind..I was very much afraid when I saw asbestos sheet peeling off from my neighbour’s mottai madi..That asbestos sheet fell at road with huge sound…I could see many things breaking and falling down due to this and it was really worse…

I already closed all windows in my house…I was really surprised when I saw water coming inside the house through that closed Windows..I really didn’t expect that as we are in second floor..So we started moping the floor…Due to heavy wind and rain, water flow was more and so I took whatever was down and kept it in bed.

I was very much afraid when I saw glass windows breaking down in one of the houses…I stood in balcony and it was really difficult to believe what I saw..

After many hours, finally the speed of wind seemed to slow down ….But it was raining and we were sitting in dark in candle light and we hoped that rains will stop…

It is said that many electric poles are damaged heavily and so we didn’t have electricity on 12 th and 13 th December…Yesterday we had power only in evening..Due to heavy damage, I think it may take some time for restoration of power..

My internet connection got restored just an hour before and was not working for last 3 days..I heard that there was heavy damage in chennai but couldn’t watch any news as my cable connection is not working till now..

I really can’t understand why December is so unlucky for us in chennai..I still remember last year December rains  in chennai and I will not forget cyclone vardah this year..I still can’t forget the sound of wind and it is still echoing in my ears…

4 thoughts on “Cyclone Vardah …

      • Our TN coast receive the North East Monsoons in October December so the floods
        Tsunami was freaky because its origin lies somewhere near indonesia… an underwater earthquake
        Tropical cyclones travel from east to west which means if they originate in the bay of bengal it will hit either TN or AP or Orissa……

        The rains and cyclones will hit us in the coming years too !! Be prepared..
        If you have time drop by my blog……


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