RIP CM Amma…

Am I a member of your Political Party ???  


Have I met you in person ???


Have I got any of the freebies from your numerous welfare schemes to people ???


Have I watched all your movies ???  

NO,I haven’t watched all, but only few movies..Your acting was really awesome..

But still, I  always love and admire you and will continue to do so..

Do I love you just because you are also a Woman like me ???

Definitely not !!!!! There are some woman leaders in this country and they haven’t attracted me the way you did…You are really totally different …..

I loved the way you came up  and proved yourself in this conservative male dominated politics and society..Everybody here knows how difficult it is to sustain and win in Politics and You did it…

I was really upset when I heard on September month that you have been admitted in Apollo Hospitals due to illness..I believed that as you are a FIGHTER, you will definitely bounce back…You also showed improvement and I thought you would be discharged soon..But, all my hopes were shaken, when I read that you had a cardiac arrest…I was shocked to core when I heard of your demise yesterday night…

I have earlier read some interviews in which you have said that your career in acting and Politics was decided by others and you didn’t choose the same…But I am really astonished in the way you accepted the fate and how you proved and succeeded in both films and Politics…I am sure that there are many people who can’t pursue their own interests due to various situations..But, there are only few people who excel even in those fields which they were forced to enter..You were one of those rare people who convert challenges to opportunities and I admire you for that!!!!

I am not a political analyst, but yet, I liked the way you presided your Political party..You were a One woman army and a sole decision maker..All your party members love you and abide by your words…No one except you knows how you had that kind of control within your party…

It is very difficult to take a tough stand in various problems and you did it with ease…You faced many criticisms but you did what you really wished..You had full control of law and order situation in state..I feel that you always have been a great administrator and best decision maker…

Like everyone, you also had lost some battle, but you raised quickly after every time you fell down..You had that fighting spirit which is very astonishing..

There is a saying that “To Err is Human”..You also made some mistakes, but you were very quick in rectifying those errors..

You had an invisible wall surrounding you and I think, that had been necessary for you to protect and sustain yourself in Politics…

People believed in you and selected you again as our CM for the consecutive second term..It is really a shock that you have left us soon…

You have created a void in Politics and nobody can replace your position…

You are always a charismatic leader and people love you for what you are..

I miss you a lot and I pray to Almighty that may your soul rest in peace..

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