My maid and talk shows…

At times, some casual talks with others, makes us think more deeply..

I wish to share one such talk with my maid which made me write this post..

My maid likes a talk show in Tamil which is broadcasted in a TV channel..She used to tell me that it is nice and the actress who is anchoring is good in solving the family problems of people who participate in that show…

I asked her the reason for liking the same..She said that some people do things which others usually never do due to fear for society and they even confess the same publicly in TV..

I listened to her and asked why she likes the host of that show..She replied that she is a celebrity and an expert in solving others’ problems..

I said her that the celebrity host of the show may not be an expert and only some persons are truly qualified to do such counseling for domestic problems..

I also explained her about TRP rating of the programs and why she shouldn’t believe whatever she sees in such shows..

I really don’t know whether she understood what I said but the above conversation with her made me think deeply and I have following questions on my mind now:

Why some people blindly believe others’ without even knowing that they are being exploited??

Why some people fall prey to such shows and willingly degrade their whole family in public??

Why they share their secrets in public and why can’t they understand that others’ are benefitting out of them??

Why the hosts of such shows ignore the fact that they aren’t  truly qualified to provide such conseling to others???


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