English is just a language !!!

Why do we speak ??

We speak because we want to express our feelings to others..We wish to interact with each other so that we don’t feel lonely..

Languages are a medium of communication which helps to express ourselves..

We  can’t even imagine a world without languages..It is very difficult to make the other person understand what we feel only through gestures and actions..

But it is also  important that both parties (person who speaks and who listens) should understand the language..Otherwise, there is no use in communicating with each other…

I personally feel that every child should learn his/her mother tongue first..If parents speak two different languages, then the child also should be taught the same..

Apart from mother tongue, it is necessary that the child also should have basic knowledge of most spoken language in that particular country..This will definitely help that particular person to survive in any part of that country…

 Communicating in English language has become inevitable in our day to day life…

But I feel that  it is wrong to give undue importance to a person just because he speaks in English!!!

Society has created  a perception that speaking in English adds sparkle to personality of that person and I don’t agree with that !!!

Some people feel inferior that they are not fluent in English language…

I am not against the usage of English…

I am against perceiving  English language  as a status symbol…

It is  high time that we stop linking a person’s ability to his/her fluency in English…

 I  am not here to judge anyone, but I really get annoyed  when some people feel bad to talk in their mother tongue even if they know it !!! When I ask them questions in my mother tongue, they  purposefully reply back in English…

Learning many languages enhances our knowledge level and I strongly feel that no particular language is superior or inferior to each other..

English is just a language and please don’t attach any “Superiority” tag to it !!!

5 thoughts on “English is just a language !!!

  1. I absolutely agree with you that one should never feel ashamed to speak in her/his mother tongue, but in reality, how much we try to refute it, the fact remains that we do consider English as a symbol of superiority and better education. While it’s a shame on part of us even after 70 years of independence we have such respect for the Queen’s language, but, it’s also to be noted that in a country like India where every state has a vernacular language of its own, English does help to share a common platform.

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  2. When in crowds, I tend to speak in English, it comes almost naturally. At times, friends mock it saying I do it because I wanna flaunt my English. I feel awkward in such moments. Being a writer by passion and profession, where I interact with people, visually and virtually in the language more than half the day, English just comes naturally.
    People misjudge at all times. I’m considered good, even brilliant, because my speaking skills are exceptional. But no one understands that I have had to develop it, even adopt an accent, to be able to make my clients feel comfortable.
    The fact of all this remains, you are JUDGED no matter what, on your English.


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