God’s Gift !!!

When I saw you for the first time,

my heart didn’t beat fast

my world didn’t stop suddenly…

We had a formal introduction,

we talked  just for five minutes…

But that was enough for both of us

to take a  life changing decision..

Yes, we decided to marry !!!

We had a perfect arranged marriage

After all these years of being together

We are crazily in love with each other…

We know that we are like chalk and cheese..

But we have love which is abundant between us..

You are so caring, patient and lovable to core..

You never shout or get angry on me..

But I am short tempered and sensitive..

You understand me and love me for what I am..

You don’t gift me often..

But, over time, I understood that

gifts are not that much important..

Your small actions and gestures daily for my well being

makes my life  with you enjoyable to the core..

I wonder how you never forget anything related to me..

I thank God daily for sending you to my life..

You are my Best gift that I will cherish for ever…

I  really feel very much blessed and grateful to have you in my life !!!


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