One action, many reactions!!!

I know it is somewhat difficult situation now…But it is just temporary only..If we are patient and if we don’t panic, things will get better automatically..We have to support each other during this tough time”

I was travelling in an auto and auto driver told me the above…He further told me that though he is uneducated, he can understand the implications of this action by our government..

My domestic help told me:

It is a good decision..I don’t have any change now and I have to visit Bank..I am sure that I have to wait for hours in queue, but still, if something good happens to my country, I am happy to do this..”

One of my friends said:

“It is a very bad decision..Government is penalizing everybody and not those rich people alone who have plenty of black money with them..Those rich people will easily escape and we are suffering now..”

Another person known to me said:

“I am sure it will be very difficult for some time..But we have to cope up with this…This is first step for eradicating black money..”

Another friend said:

I am using netbanking and also both debit and credit cards for my purchases..But there are many people who are unaware of the same..There are many villages which doesn’t have many ATMs and banks..It is very difficult for them to manage due to this sudden decision”

A senior citizen, who is my neighbor said:

There are many people who are in  urgent need of money now..Let them first withdraw it..I have small amount of 100 rupee denominations with me which I can use for 2 days..I am planning to visit ATM or bank after that..

When I first heard this move by our PM, I first can’t believe it..I think that it is a  very bold decision and we have to wait for knowing the results of the same..I went to bank only yesterday and stood in a long queue for changing my old notes....

As I have worked in banks, I can understand the increasing work load of bankers..It is a very difficult and stressful time for them..But they are coping up and performing well in this situation..

Some people appreciate this decision and some oppose the same…

I personally feel it to be a good and bold decision..I know there are practical difficulties, but if there are long term benefits for our country as a whole, there is nothing wrong in trying this option out..Everybody is entitled to have opinion and this is mine!!!!

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