Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada -Movie review

Today I watched this movie which stars  Silambarasan and Manjima Mohan in lead roles and is directed by Gautham Menon..

I am not a fan of Silambarasan (Simbu)  but I loved his earlier movie “Vinnaithandi varuvaya” directed by Gautham Menon..So, I had some expectations out of this new film..OK, let me start the review..

Simbu is portrayed as an ordinary person who  had completed his engineering and MBA and is enjoying  his life with his friends..He lives with his father, mother and two sisters..

He doesn’t have any big aim in life and he meets Manjima, who is friend of his sister..It is love at first sight for him and the director, as usual, had portrayed the scenes between Simbu and Manjima very beautifully..The songs by A.R.Rahman are very good in this film..

Simbu adores his new bike and plans a road trip in his bike to Kanyakumari..Manjima also joins him in his trip…The songs are very beautifully picturized..Up to this stage, the movie is like a romantic one and  before interval, the story takes a sudden turn…

We all know that anything can happen in anybody’s life..If that particular person is fearless, he can win over any situation…In this film, Simbu also faces such fearful incidents and what happens to him and whether he and Manjima is united or not, is depicted in the rest of the film..

There are many songs in first half of the film before interval…After interval, there are more fight scenes as Simbu is forced to safeguard himself and others..He gets an option either to fight back or to run away from the situation and what he does makes the climax of this film..

I loved Simbu’s underplayed acting and also A.R.Rahman’s songs..Both music and lyrics are very good and picturization is also good..Dialogues were nice and scenes between Simbu and Manjima was good…

I felt that though the climax of the film was unexpected, it was more cinematic and unbelievable..Second half of the film was somewhat dragging in nature..

Overall, I liked this movie…Simbu’s acting, Gautam menon’s direction and music by A.R.Rahman makes this movie watchable…

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