When I Was A Child…


If  God appears before me and gives me a chance to relive any past stage of my life again , I will definitely choose my childhood days…

I am feeling blessed that I had a very happy childhood and those cute memories are always unforgettable..I was not born with a silver spoon but I got whatever I wished for..


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I was the first grandchild in a large joint family and was pampered not only by my parents, but also by my grandparents and my uncles..My grandma adored me to the core and I grew up listening  to all mythological stories..I was taught to respect and listen to what elders say and adjust according to situations..

I still can’t forget the yummiest foods that my grandma prepared for me and I feel that her filter coffee is the best coffee in the world!!!!

All family functions and festivals were celebrated in my house and I always had a blast with all my cousins…If there was any pooja, we always  pretended to pray sincerely and made sure that elders saw us praying..After some time, one by one, all of us  escaped from that place and went to mottaimadis (upstairs) to play..We crazily enjoyed jumping from one mottaimadi to another without any fear..We had a ritual of cutting cake and drinking pepsi for every New year  at 12’o clock till our college days..

We used to sleep in a  separate room in upstairs & elders were not strictly allowed inside.. During a midnight, we were talking about ghosts and were arguing whether they exist or not…Suddenly there was no power & torch we had was not working…Only my brother had a cellphone that time and he tried to on the torch in cellphone ..But he was surprised, as the cellphone suddenly got switched off (He later told us that battery charge was full)..All of us freaked out due to fear  and started running madly to downstairs..

I also used to go to my maternal uncle’s house for my summer vacations..We had plans to visit beach one evening and I was thrilled….But from that afternoon, it started heavily raining..I was so desperate and started crying…My uncle tried pacifying me but I didn’t stop crying and I wanted to go to beach …

Finally my uncle told me “Stop crying and you say “Come Sun, Come Sun” and  then rain will stop and when Sun comes, we can go to beach”…I stupidly  believed whatever my uncle said and stood near the window and started saying “Come Sun, Come Sun” till that night….

I love my childhood to the core as I was very innocent, stupid at times and believed God to the core..Some lessons which I learnt young, helped and still helps me in later stages of my life..

I still remember my Appa’s words that all are equal before God and being honest is very important in Life..My Grandma and amma taught me that sharing and adjustment is necessary for a family to be happy..I learnt from my Grandpa that though money is necessary in life, it is not everything…

I firmly believe that childhood influences a person’s future life to a large extent..I really thank God that I had a happy one which taught me some of important lessons in my life!!!!


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