Of death, dream,books,a small moment of joy and so on…

A death:

I was shocked when I heard about death of a neighbor in my native place..He was around 75 years old and was unmarried..He had 5  younger sisters and he took care of them well..But when he was unwell, four of his sisters didn’t even come to see him and only his last sister was with him..I met him a month ago when I was in my village..He was very weak, but he remembered me and told me how naughty was I during my childhood days…He also told that his 4 sisters had been pestering him to sell his house and give them money..I was very much worried when I heard this..He told me that he still loved his sisters even though they are only after his money and they didn’t take care of him..I asked him how can he be selfless in his life..He laughed and didn’t reply anything..

I remembered this when I heard of his death..I am really angry when I think  about those people who are so ungrateful..They are more concerned about money and not about relationships..These kind of species also exit in this world..I know, I can’t do anything except to pray that May his soul rest in peace..

A dream:

I had a dream on that night when I heard of his death..I saw the same person in my dream face to face… He laughed at me and said “Kaayamae Idhu Poiyada, Verum Kaatradaitha Paiyada” in Tamil meaning ” this human body is just an illusion and it is just an air filled bag”

I think that I saw him in my dream because I thought about his death..But still I can’t understand why he said the above words to me..Though I have heard about this earlier, I am not sure now about the implication of this message to me..A dream has made me to think deeply!!!!


I have mentioned many times in this blog and I am happy to say again that books are my best friends…I really enjoy reading books by different authors..This week I read books by Meg carbot and Chris carter..I loved  Chris carter’s Robert hunter character and I am planning to read the full series soon..I also read “Sorting out Sid” by Yashodhara Lal..I liked her other 2 books (Just married, please excuse and There’s something about you) more when compared to this book..

A small moment of joy:

I am thankful to Blogadda for selecting my post It’s my Blood..What bothers you?? to appear in  their Tangy Tuesday picks dated November 1, 2016..

Further, my post I fear no more… is also selected  for Blogadda’s  WOW  post “A Fear, I Fear No More”..

It is the first time for me to get selected and  Yes,I am happy !!!!!

2 thoughts on “Of death, dream,books,a small moment of joy and so on…

  1. I had same experience, in fact till now I see my father in dreams. He was longing to see me before his death, I booked my tickets to see him but the very next day I got news that he is no more. I couldn’t see him for the last time.


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