I fear no more…


Whenever somebody asked me about my fear, I usually said ” I am very much afraid of ghosts and snakes

But  I know that, ghosts and snakes are not my biggest fears..

My fear was something different and difficult which was a secret that I didn’t let others know..

OK, let me elaborate on the same…

My biggest fear was Expressing myself to others”

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I was more concerned about what would others’ think of me ..I was reluctant to share my true feelings to them ..I  felt like trapped as I didn’t have that courage to talk back..

I was angry and cried even for small things..I was  very much disturbed as I had suppressed my feelings for so long…


(Image courtesy:Google)

I finally realized that if I continue being like this, I will always be complaining and cannot enjoy or live my life to the fullest..

So, I did the following  to overcome my fear:

  • I started asking myself what I really want in a particular situation and prioritized my feelings..
  • I became more intuitive in nature..
  • I realized that there is no need to impress everybody in this world – Let me first impress myself…
  • I slowly started to ignore the reaction of other people on what I expressed/said – It is difficult to implement but I was sure that I shouldn’t be influenced anymore by the outcome..

I tried  very hard to overcome this fear in my life…

I think I have succeeded in expressing myself to others..I have experienced the liberated feeling  I get when I speak out…


(Image courtesy:Google)

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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