One Indian girl – Book review

Chetan Bhagat…

There are some people who are crazy about his books and some who don’t like and criticize his books to the core..

I would like to confess that “I am neither a fan of Chetan Bhagat nor do I hate his books”

I liked some of his books and didn’t like few of his stories..

I read his latest book ” One Indian girl”…

For the first time, author depicts the story through female protagonist Radhika Mehta..

Ms.Radhika Mehta is depicted as a well educated girl who works in abroad..During her school days, she calls herself as a nerd..She considers herself to be wheatish and feels that her elder sister is more popular in school as she is  fair complexioned…She doesn’t talk or mingle with others and is always brilliant in her studies..

Radhika moves to Newyork for her first job at Goldman Sachs, an investment bank..There she meets Debu, who works in advertising agency..After a couple of meetings, they both love each other and start living together..Radhika’s career reaches new heights and she earns well, gets a very huge amount as bonus whereas Debu is not satisfied with his job..Debu feels insecured due to Radhika’s career and  feels that she can’t be a normal wife and a mother ..Radhika is madly in love with him, but he finally breaks up with her..She  also finds out that Debu is cheating her for another girl..She is not able to cope up with his cheating and break up..She doesn’t want to live there anymore and hence leaves Newyork..

She relocates to Hongkong for her job and she meets Neel, her super boss..Both of them handle projects together and she is so efficient in her job..Neel  is married, have two kids and is elder to her by  around twenty years…They both become close gradually and she feels guilty for getting involved with a married man..Neel says that he is not happy in his marraige and he truely loves her..

Her mother compels her to get married soon..When she discusses the same with Neel, he says that she is more career oriented and she is not maternal type..She gets angry and says that she also wants to be a wife, mother..After arguments, she breaks up with Neel as he is not ready to take their relationship to next stage..She leaves Hongkong and moves to London for her job..

Radhika finally accepts to marry Brijesh, due to her mother’s pressure..She plans for a destination wedding at Goa…The story’s climax is about some sudden twists which I don’t wish to reveal and whether the marriage happened or not..

The author talks about feminism a lot in the book ..Further, he also had  explained about match making process in marriages and how some men feel insecure if their wife earns more than them..

Chetan Bhagat had mentioned in his book’s Acknowledgements that he had met and interviewed several women and had discussed this book with them..He also had thanked them for opening up and sharing their innermost feelings.. After reading this, I had a question – Whether the author had succeeded in depicting that one Indian girl in his book??? I think it is very difficult to answer as every girl is unique in nature and is very difficult to generalise…

Overall, I feel that this book is OK to read, though there are some instances in the story which is very easily predictable to readers…

14 thoughts on “One Indian girl – Book review

  1. A very diplomatic write-up. After reading the book, even I was unable to find answer to why this book was named ‘One Indian Girl’. I would say it is a total filmy masala. It appears that Chetan wanted to write a bollywood script and not a book.


  2. I am not a great fan of Chetan’s work, why is she hopping around relations? And how does feminism be defined by her need to settle down? I can’t judge the book by it’s cover but another bollywood script in the making 🙂 Nice review there!


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