That liberated feeling…

All these days, I tried hard to please everybody around me..

I thrived to be an epitome of loving, caring and adjusting person..

It was really difficult as I had to sacrifice both small and big things in my life..

People around me were happy as all their wishes got fulfilled..

I thought I was happy all these days, but I was not….


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My Husband and some of my friends advised me not to adjust and not to believe others so much..

But I  didn’t listen to them as I was very keen in getting so called good name ..

I believed that adjustment is necessary to build and retain relationships..

Whatever good we do, there are always some people who back bite about us..

I got tensed, cried a lot, whenever they spoke bad about me…I tried hard to prove that I am not that kind of  a person, but I failed miserably..

Finally,one fine morning, life slapped me and taught me an important lesson that certain relationships can’t be retained even if I adjusted to the core..

After many years, I  finally realized that I am being used and I can’t please everybody..


I have decided  firmly to say “No” whenever I felt and not to adjust/care about what others think..

Today, I had an argument with my close relative and I  finally spoke what I truly felt and I didn’t  use any suger coated words..

I am sure that now she has a very bad image about me…

 I really don’t care  and I am very much sure now that I am truly happy…

This is the first time that  I feel  liberated and I think I am the happiest person now!!!!

I learnt this lesson very late in my life, but I am sure that I am going to follow this for rest of my life…


(Image courtesy:Google)


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