Being highly sensitive…

I can’t hide my emotions…I usually cry or get angry easily in various situations…

When I was young, I  really didn’t mind being like this..

But after some years, I was and still I am usually asked the below question:

“Why are you highly sensitive?? Why can’t you take things easily??”

Yes, I know that I am highly sensitive in nature…

I easily get affected by  words and behavior of others.. I take things personally and feel very much deeper in both happier and sad situations..

I often don’t reveal my feelings  even to my loved ones because I think that they may feel that I am complaining or exaggerating small issues..

It takes more time for me to make both small and big decisions and I fear more about effects of my decision..

I am a perfectionist and problem arises as I expect others also to be perfect..

I  am afraid of criticism and I don’t want to hurt others..So, I feel it is very difficult to say “No” to them..

Earlier, I used to feel bad that I am highly sensitive in nature…I envied at people who take things easily..

But when I thought deeply, I felt that there also might be some advantages  in being highly sensitive..

I started reading and browsing about this and I found out that, when compared to others, highly sensitive people are more:

  • Caring and empathetic 
  • Intuitive 
  • Creative and imaginative
  • Unselfish
  • Passionate 

I feel that there is nothing wrong in being highly sensitive and there are many people like me…

So,what do you think? Are you highly sensitive??


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