Sathuragiri hills..

I recently went to Sathuragiri hills (situated near Watrap) after three years..Lord Shiva is the  diety there and I had earlier visited there two times…I really love that temple and I feel that there is a very good vibration..

This temple is situated above the hills and we have to climb to reach there..The scenaries on the way is really beautiful..

Earlier we can visit the temple during any day, but recently they are allowing only during Amavasai (New moon) and Pournami (Full moon) …Further if there are heavy rains, public are not allowed there as it is very risky to climb in the hills..So, it is  important that we have to get  latest information before starting  to Sathuragiri…We have to understand that our trip may get cancelled as it is very much difficult to predict rains..

When I visited before three years, there was not much crowd and I felt that the forest area was clean…But now, I can see many plastic wastes and many other junk wastes thrown on the way..

I was very much upset…We don’t have power to create nature, but can’t we maintain it neatly?? Do we throw wastes inside our house?? Why some of us are not responsible and self disciplined???

Some people even smoke and drink liquor there in the hills..I was very much angry and thought that if they want to drink or smoke, they can do it in their houses ..Why are they polluting the  sacred hills??

Some consider this temple just  as a tourist place and not as holy trip..I accept that any person has rights to believe or not believe in God…But they do not have any rights to pollute this holy place…

There are another kind of people who come to this place just to research…They want to explore this forest in search of many materialistic things, which is very bad..They don’t understand that the God here is more powerful and so they get punished for their sins..

I personally feel that this place is good only for people who come  to worship the God and not for other reasons…

Nowadays, public are allowed only on particular days of month..I feel that it is very good because we really don’t know how to keep a holy place neat and clean..This place has become so much commercialized now …

Many people are interested in seeing Siddhars on this hills…They don’t understand that we don’t have any power to search for them … Siddhars will be visible only if they want to see us..They are not a subject matter of research..There are many things which we don’t understand and which are above our knowledge..So it is better not to interfere and do unnecessary research…

I really love this hills and I sincerely wish that the people who visit this holy place should not treat this just as another tourist place..We should not destroy the beautiful forest and should try to keep the place neat and clean..


2 thoughts on “Sathuragiri hills..

  1. It is unfortunate, but it is a fact that pollution and places of pilgrimages go hand in hand. Hope ‘Swatch Bharat’ does not remain a mere slogan and India and general and places of pilgrimage in particular get rid of the ‘dirty’ image.


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