How Can We help our Country??

I am sure that many of us love our country and feel proud to be an Indian..

But still, some of us might think ” Why my country is like this?? I don’t have many facilities which are available at other countries”

But we usually tend to  forget that we live here and it is our duty to try to rectify things which we might not like..Development of our country depends on us and a change in our mindsets will surely help our country a lot…

I strongly feel that if, we try to follow the below, we can  make our country more powerful..

Don’t pay and don’t accept bribe:

Corruption – We always talk that our country is corrupted and it is very bad,etc etc… But if we really think hardly, we will realize that only we are responsible for this..

Some us like to have shortcuts in life  and we are not ready to wait for anything – Starting from driving license and many other government proofs, we don’t want to wait and we need everything urgently..

We are ready to pay bribe to get what we want…I am sure that not only accepting bribe, but also paying bribe is very much wrong..

We might think that if I stop giving or accepting bribe, how can corruption be eradicated???  The answer to this question is simple – Yes, we can!!!! If each of us truly follow this, over a course of time, slowly, there will be no corruption in our country…Change within us will definitely help our country…

Be a responsible citizen:

We should always try to be responsible – pay our taxes correctly, obey traffic rules, etc…We should not compare ourselves with others who are not responsible..

Children tend to learn more from their parents…If we are good, then our children will follow us as their role models..Not only education, but also good moral values and patriotic feeling should be taught to children as they grow..We should teach our kids that both men and women are equal and there should be no discrimination…

Using our voting power carefully:

We have to vote in elections compulsorily and we should  be very careful in selecting the politicians…It is very easy to complain that politicians are corrupt and because of them only our country is not improving…

But, we conveniently forget that it is we who voted and selected them…So, before casting our votes, we have to analyze carefully and we shouldn’t fall prey to various marketing techniques used by Politicians…We have to think carefully and vote compulsorily…

Try to help others:

We shouldn’t always mind our own business – We should try to help others…Humanity is very important…

If we see anybody injured in accident, we should help them in any  possible way…If we see any girl getting teased in public, we should fight for her..We should  always remember that a small timely help, means a lot to persons who are affected…

Keep our Country Clean:

Cleanliness plays a vital role …We have to stop littering in roads and have to throw wastes only in garbage bins…Scribbling in public walls, throwing wastes everywhere, creates a bad impression about our country…

Self discipline is very important in keeping our country clean…

So, What do you think ????

Can’t We, the common Public, help our Country???



8 thoughts on “How Can We help our Country??

  1. आपने बहुत ही सुन्दर सुझाव दिए हैं ,,,,यदि योजनाबद्ध तरीके से इन्हें अमल में लाया जो तो देश को बदला जा सकता है सुन्दर पोस्ट


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