A Soldier’s answer…

He knew he is going to  have a deep undisturbed sleep soon..

He is so passionate about his profession and  it is more than a job for him..

He is happy  and content with his life and has no regrets, but now,he misses his parents, wife and a new born little  daughter whom he hasn’t seen till now..

He thought of his previous holidays which he enjoyed with his family and friends…

He suddenly remembers that he hasn’t answered the  following question asked by his neighbor to him during his previous holidays..

“Why  you joined  the Indian army ?”

He  knew that  if he is given a chance to answer this question now, he will answer his neighbor  as below:

“Hi, I  joined  Indian army so that you and others in our country can live a peaceful life, can enjoy with your family, friends and always be with them..

We soldiers can always elaborate on what we do to keep you and others safe..But we  really don’t want to boast …We  always love to serve the nation  irrespective of what you think of us”

But he can’t answer as he is dying now and his mouth finally uttered “Jai Hind”..

P.S : This post is dedicated to our Indian army and their selfless sacrifices…


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