Aandavan Kattalai – Movie review

  We (myself & my husband)  watched the  film “Aandavan Kattalai” yesterday..

This film  which features Vijay Sethupathi and Ritika singh in the lead roles, got released on this friday..

We booked tickets for this movie earlier even before reading reviews, because of its director M.Manikandan (who earlier directed the film Kaaka Muttai)..

We both loved this movie and I feel it is really a different film with fabulous story, screenplay & direction, and very good performance by Vijay Sethupathi..

This film starts with  debt ridden hero, leaving his village along  with his friend to chennai..His aim is to go to London on tourist visa, earn well and repay all his debts..He doesn’t have passport, visa, etc and so he meets a travel agent for the same..Meeting with travel agent changes the life of hero and also his friend totally..For getting tourist visa, the unmarried hero is advised to lie that he is married and so he writes a fictitious spouse name in passport application..This one lie leads to many lies and this story  depicts how many people rely on middle men on government offices and how those middle men complicate many things..

The UK Visa interview scenes  in which hero’s visa is declined are truly hilarious..The house searching scenes for rent by the hero and a house broker, explains the real life situation in Chennai..Many dialogues in the film are very good..

There are no duet songs in the movie and heroine Ritika Singh had done her role very well..Many of the supporting actors like hero’s friends, lawyers, also had portrayed their roles efficiently…

Overall this movie is very good with right mix of story, comedy and also a nice message..Some might feel this movie to be slow as there are no action sequences and duet songs…

But I feel that this movie is very different from other films and is very entertaining to watch with good story, comedy, etc….

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