Mr & Mrs.X…

This post is going to be a serious rant and please read at your own risk

My dear Mr & Mrs. X,

I will not start this letter with usual question of “How are you ???”as I am  sure  that  both of you will be very much fine now..

First, Let me start by congratulating you both for succeeding in your initial phase of your so called project..There is a saying that “Well begun is half done”….So, congrats again!!!!

I am very happy to accept the fact that  as of now, you both have won in this game and I have lost..

I was so much stupid that I didn’t even realize that you both have planned this game very much earlier and have very carefully materialized it in a very organized manner…

I was so dumb and I believed you to the core and so you took advantage of the same…

I was always friendly with both of you..You could have told me directly  about your project  of establishing  yourselves and to be number one in the family…To be frank, I don’t believe and I don’t want to be in number one position in family..

But, both of you never said anything regarding the same…Instead, you chose to talk behind my back and created a huge issue out of nothing…You both have stage played a drama perfectly well and portrayed me to be such a bad person…

Do you know how much  am I hurt ??? I am not able to sleep or eat properly..I am sure that I can and I will prove that I am innocent very soon…But you both have killed my belief ..I always thought we all  are a  family, but you have proven that it is not true…

I really loved  and always will love our family and others (except both of you) also love me back …What’s wrong in it?? What made you feel  jealous???..

Please try to understand that family is all about love and adjustment and there are no shortcuts here…

I am grateful to both of you for what you have done so far …You made me  understand truely about relationships and trust factor associated with it..

I know that you have just started your game and you will not end the same unless you get what you wish..

All the best for the same and continue with your good work…

I am waiting for your further drama and action….

Thanks & regards,

…………. ………..


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