It’s OK to Pause…


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Many of us think that to have a successful life, we should always work hard towards whatever we do..Yes, it is true that we have to aim and achieve various goals in our life..

But, if we think deeply, we may have a question “What is this life all about??? What am I running after?? Is it money, fame or success?? “


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For many of us, the circle of Life is as follows:

We started running right from our School days..Our  first race was to secure good marks and get good ranks…Then, we selected courses which would provide us a secured future..We ran after jobs which would pay us well..We don’t have time left to spend with our families due to various commitments.. We tend to forget that Money isn’t everything..When we retire from Job, we wish to spend more time with our children, but as they are now grown up,  they become busy in their own lives!!!

Yes, I understand that studying well, getting good jobs & earning money is very important..All these are a part of our life, but they don’t complete our life..


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I feel our life is complete only when we have time to do what we truly love, which may be anything – Our families,hobbies, travel, etc…

Let us compare our life to  play, pause buttons in a  CD Player…Play button in CD Player refers to whatever we run after in life like education, career, etc…Pause button refers to our families, friends, hobbies,etc..

We will truly feel successful and content  in life, if we use both Press and Pause buttons, according to various situations…


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Please remember, remote control should always be in our hands!!!

Yes, It’s  OK to Pause, at times…What do you think????

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