What’s there in age??


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This Society gives more importance to age of an individual and maps the person’s personality to his/her age..

Who  can decide that a person is Young or Old?? I feel that only the concerned individual have the right to do so and not the people around him/her..

Why so much restrictions are imposed based on age???


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Why there is ideal age for getting married, having children, etc??It is the society which formulates the ideal age..

I know a person who is above 83 years of age and is still young in heart..She does all her routine activities without anyone’s help and keeps herself busy..I have also seen some one who is just 20 plus but feels like so old and always complains about health…

What is the big deal in age??? Whenever someone asks me my age, I tell them that I am in my mid 30’s now..Their normal reaction will be “Oh my God!!! You are above thirty??? But still you are not settled in life..I was not like you and nowadays nobody will be like you!!!”

I usually laugh at them and say ” I am not your Xerox copy!!! I am unique and I am happy now..I know what to do in my life” …

To be honest, when I first heard comments about my age, I was hurt to the core…But later, I understood that if I listened to them, I can never be happy..

I met a man, who is above 60 years of age, and he had become a relative to me only very recently…He was a stranger to me and I was meeting him only for second time in my life..He had come to my house and I offered him coffee..

He asked ” How are you, Aunty?? I heard you are above 30 & so you are AUNTY only”

I  laughed and replied ” I am perfectly fine, GRANDPA

He was taken aback and said ” How can you call me Grandpa???”

I said ” You are definitely older than me..If I am Aunty to you, then you are definitely Grandpa to me

He was embarrassed to the core and he became silent….Though I immediately  replied him back, I was feeling bad..I thought what makes this kind of people so mean..I was angry that as a stranger, he didn’t have any rights to talk to me in that way…I  really don’t like labeling people by age, but he made me talk like that…

I am proud that I am ageing and I am not worried about the same..If I am not bothered about my age , then Why others’ worry about the same???


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I feel that, age is just a number!!! What about You???


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