This & That – 2

  • Last week, we celebrated my Husband’s Birthday…It was great fun and enjoyed a lot..I ordered a surprise cake for him and he also loved my other gifts…I want to wish him again and I pray  God to fulfill whatever he wishes in Life..My husband doesn’t expect gifts, but I always wish to surprise him every year..I always love to think and plan about his gifts…
  • I recently had “Burger Pizza” at Dominos…I felt it was somewhat OK & didn’t like it more..I love their Garlic bread and Choco lava cake so much!!!!!! Apart from pizza, these are my standard orders….
  •  Sometimes, I am not able to cope up with emotional Pain …I usually think ” Why this Pain is always Painful??” It struck to me one day that, when I was laughing, I didn’t even think about the reason for my happiness and I  enjoyed the feeling..So, Why shouldn’t I apply the same logic to pain also?? Why am I not able to accept the Pain???.. I am sure that If I accept that I am in Pain, then ,I will stop thinking why this happens to me alone in this world…I know very well that it is easy to say, but very difficult to practice.
  • I have read Agatha Christie’s novels earlier…Now, I have suddenly become crazy about the same and I am reading all novels non-stop and I absolutely love them..I also adore “Jack Reacher” in novels by Lee Child..
  •  It is raining in Chennai and I love it..Climate is so cool and I wish it remains the same…
  • I love to travel more and I like reading travel blogs..I feel travelling is a unique experience..

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