A day in Life of a Banker…

When I was working in a Bank, many of my relatives/friends/family used to say that:

  • Work pressure in Banks are less when compared to other fields..
  • You have standard timings and so you have good work life balance..
  • It is a desk job and you need not roam around in hot sun..
  • You have Job security..No risks involved..

I used to generally laugh whenever I hear one of the above myths..I know that even if  I am going to argue with them, they won’t accept the real facts that they are unaware of…

I really loved (and I still love) my earlier Jobs in Private Sector banks for last 10 years..I was in to Retail Banking and I really feel happy to have selected Banking as my Career..

Let me first start with timings of a bank..

Many of Pvt sector banks have customer service timings from morning 9:30 to 5..Many Banks ask their staff to be present at office at least 45 minutes before the commencement of business hours…

I used to start early from home so that I reach my Branch in time and start with Beginning of the day (BOD) activities so that all counters are ready for customer service..All staff are expected to be on time strictly..After all day to day activities, customer queries & transactions etc, banks usually close around 5 PM for customers and for us, EOD work begins.. Cash tallying and other EOD activities like various reports etc, have to be checked daily..If everything is OK, then  after completion of all operations related work, staff have to contact  customers and talk to them about their requirements from us ..So, generally staff leave the Branch after all these activities ..This is the scenario when everything  is perfect..

On some days, Cash might not get tallied by the Cashiers..During those situations, it will become very late to start after completing necessary formalities..We have to be present in the same time in mornings, but time to leave is not in our hands !!!! In Banking, not only us, but also people working with/under us have to complete their work correctly every single day, as everything is inter related…There are no standard timings and we also do not have a good work life balance..

Regarding Work Pressure, I feel that every industry has the same..Banking is not an exception…Starting from a Cashier to Manager, each have their own work pressures according to their positions!!!

Nowadays, both Operations and Sales in a Bank are interlinked..Staff who are in a counter are also expected to sell products to customers…So we do not simply do desk jobs, we also roam around in hot sun…

There are many risks involved in our Jobs..Starting from areas like cash, account opening, etc we have to be very  very careful in our jobs and even a small mistake can cost us a fortune…

Like any other Industry, Customers are our King !!! We are expected to be good to them and any customer escalation will affect the Branch as a whole..There are many Service Quality Parameters, audit requirements etc, which we have to strictly adhere to..

Banking is an Ocean..I have mentioned just a small part of it here..

I just thought of sharing my  experiences in Retail Liabilities sector of Banking and I wish to empathize that like every other Job, Bankers also have work pressure, risks involved and also long working hours..

 All my views here are based on my experiences on working in Private sector banks only..

I enjoyed my career with Banking to the core and my experiences are always unforgettable..


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