My Stress buster!!!

Whenever I feel stressed, I usually read books or  listen to music..Recently I found out that Cooking is also a great stress buster and so my list of stress busters now include cooking, books and music…

I have already written about my cooking experiences here…

My Cooking Stories…

I feel Cooking is a best stress reliever because:

  • Cooking is therapeutic and it gives me inner peace and makes me  feel content..
  • Cooking for people I love  makes me happy..Appreciation from them  matters to me a lot..
  • Common activities while cooking like chopping, cutting,kneading,etc helps to divert my attention from stress and it is an outlet to vent out my frustrations…
  • It increases my creativity  and imagination skills ..I feel like a creator and I am relaxing & enjoying myself while cooking..
  • It helps me to  shift my focus from my problems to following the recipes  at least for some time..

So, What are your Stress busters?? I would love to know about them..


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