“She” Series – 5

She still remembers the day  when she got her first periods..

Her eighth standard annual examinations was over and all her friends had already left the village for their holidays and she was planning to go for her cousin’s place the next day along with her mother..

As She was bored, she hired a bicycle for around 3 hours and was cycling around..After 2.5 hours, she had stomach ache and started feeling uneasy..So she returned her hired bicycle and came back home and informed her mother..It was a new experience for her as she didn’t even know about periods.. Her mother explained her about the same..She felt very bad as her holiday plan to cousin’s place was cancelled due to this…

She was in a village where people usually convert this personal thing to a much celebrated public function..She was very much shocked as many people started visiting her..She really couldn’t cope up with both this embarrassment and also her physical pain together..

Everything was new to her and everybody started advising her that she shouldn’t roam around like earlier and should start behaving like a girl hereafter…

She was made to sit separately for those three days and wasn’t allowed to go outside..She was so angry and she wanted to scream that she wished to play with her friends..

After those 3 days, again a big function was conducted in her home..She was asked to sit in a chair for hours…She hated all these and her Grandma told that function was very important…

She was feeling different when she started going school after holidays…Her friends circle which consisted of both boys and girls earlier suddenly transformed to only girls!!!! She couldn’t really understand why some boys felt shy to talk with her and she was also advised not to talk with boys…

First it was weird and then she slowly understood that these are the changes that happened after her first periods..

She didn’t like this much hype created for her first periods and she still feels bad that she didn’t have guts to oppose the way she was treated earlier during her periods..She still regrets that she was born in a time where the first Periods was treated like a Public function..

When she was studying in college, she was firm that she will not sit separately during her periods in house..She faced many difficulties due to this but finally she convinced her family…This was her first victory and she was clear in what she wanted in life…


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