My Life…

A  best story  attracts many readers if it is different from usual stories which have a predictable climax..Readers usually like nail biting sequences which makes them involve more with the story and  then they start liking the author..

I feel that my Life is also a story and all sequences are written already and God is the author of my story (I believe in God)..

But still , I have felt at different stages of  my life that why certain things happened  and why I couldn’t stop or alter the same…

If I am the Writer of my own story – My Life – and If I am given the choice to  change something, I will do the below:

I’d  have said “NO” Whenever I feel like saying it

From my childhood days, I usually say yes to whatever my family or friends say/demand from me..Many times, I don’t like to accept certain things, but still I accepted the same, as I was afraid that I might hurt them.. I studied the course chosen by my Dad..I could have said “No” to Dad, but I didn’t do the same as it could have hurted him..Except for my close family and close friends, others took advantage of this..I am ashamed that I didn’t have courage to say “No” earlier and I want to alter the same If I am the writer of my life…

I’d be less adjusting and I’d pamper myself

I spent more days in hostel for my studies and so I became more adjustable in nature..Even after my hostel days, I usually didn’t ask for anything even in my home and adjusted according to situations…I love gifting others and usually spend more money for others..But if I think of buying something for me, I suddenly turn in to a miser ..I think deeply before spending money for myself..If I am the writer of my life, I’d change to a less adjusting individual and will pamper myself with whatever I wish..

I’d be less bothered about others’ opinion

I have made some decisions in my life as I feared others’ might not like if I do something different from normal..I was afraid of the society..I didn’t have guts to oppose certain stereotypical things…If I am the writer of my life, I would be less bothered about others and will live my life as I wish…

I’d be less sensitive and less possessive

I am very much sensitive in nature.. I easily allow others to affect me and I usually get more angry.. I am also very much possessive..If I am the writer of my life, I’d be less sensitive and less possessive..

I’d express myself

I don’t express myself even to my close family and friends ..I love them to the core, but have never told them.. I am not the type who regularly calls or send messages to them..They sometimes feel that I don’t like them and have no love or affection for them, which is not true…If I am the writer of my life, I’d  express myself clearly to others..

I’d try to  forgive and forget 

I usually believe others..If they betray me, I have a habit of not forgiving them and also not forgetting those incidents ..I don’t shout at them but I simply ignore them..This affects my relationship with others..If I am the writer of my life, I’d try to forgive and forget..

I am  also sure that God is the best author when compared to myself and I believe that all sequences in my life is already  written by God.. I have to accept the fact that whatever happens in life, it happens for a reason!!!!


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