Technology & Relationships..


When I was young, I had a habit of sending  greeting card to my family members and friends for their birthdays and for New year, Diwali, etc ..I still remember maintaining a small diary containing the important dates and then visiting a small shop every month to buy the greeting cards and then sending to their address..I was happy when they called me on landline phone and thanked me for sending the same..After some years, I started sending them E-Cards…


I usually wish them on Facebook and whats app..

Yes, I have changed  and I am using technology to connect with people easier and faster…

But whether I really enjoy this is a question I am asking myself??

Earlier, I had put some efforts in remembering the days, choosing a physical greeting card, writing my wishes and then sending it..Now I don’t  have to remember the days ..I have Facebook which notifies me their birthdays and I can always wish them through it and also through whats app..

I feel  that technology like Facebook, Whats app, helps in building relationships when it is used in a correct manner..

It helps  in connecting us with many people in all parts of the world..It is a boon for people who are in long distance relationships..It helps in reducing their loneliness and makes them feel to be close with persons whom they love and miss..

Whenever we over consume  technology, it genuinely destroys our relationships..

Nowadays in many houses, Some of the family members are connected more only  with people  who are outside their home!!!

They really don’t spend time with people who are physically present with them..Even while eating, they are just involved with their smart phones rather than having conversation with their close family..They are drowned in their own world  and  this definitely over a period of time destroys  their relationships…

Whenever some people see the photos of  exotic vacations uploaded by their friends or family in Facebook or whats app, they feel jealous and also insecure..Whenever a husband/wife is more involved with latest technology, it really makes the other partner possessive!!!

I think it is high time that we start speaking “What’s on our mind?? ” first with our close family, friends and their true likes and comments will help us building good relationships in future…

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