Why Me???

**This post is going to be a serious rant..Please read at your own risk**

I  have a problem in my  life ,which I  never thought that I’d have, even in my dreams…

Last week was full of emotional turmoil for me…I haven’t fully recovered from it..

I am unsure whether a decision I took earlier was right or wrong..Suddenly I am facing many twists and turns which I am trying hard to cope up with..

I asked myself  “Why me???” questions and as usual I don’t have any answers..

I usually keep my sorrows to myself and don’t share my worries even with my close family members..But last week, I had to disclose it to them, as I had no option..Now they are also very sad due to my problem..

I really don’t understand why I got a problem which doesn’t seem to have any practical solution till now..Whatever  I do to solve it, nothing works out and I am again back to same problem…

I know, I can’t do anything now apart from being patient and continue my efforts to come out of it..

My dear God, please give me strength to cope up and to find a amicable solution…

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