Thanks for hurting me!!!

This Post is dedicated to all the persons:

Who have  hurted me in Past..

Who are hurting me now..

 & Who are going to hurt me in future….

First, I start by thanking you all from bottom of my heart, for mentally hurting me during various situations…Don’t know Why am I thanking you??

I am thanking you because all your behaviors with me are now helping me to change myself from being  very sensitive, highly emotional person to a relatively less sensitive and less emotional person…

Earlier I was hurt easily by your actions because:

  • I took things too seriously and personally…
  • My perception on that particular situation..
  • My expectations on all of you..I thought you all care for me like the same way that I do and you all proved that what I thought was wrong..

I am now trying my level best to overcome hurt by:

  • Acknowledging my hurt feelings to myself..
  • Trying to control my emotions –  Remove myself from that situation and take some time and don’t make rash conclusions..
  • Think about whether they hurt me intentionally or have I misunderstood – If it is intentional, then I try to stop dwelling & retelling the same incident..
  • Trying hard to let it go…

Earlier all of you had made me to cry, get angry, be restless, highly tensed, etc…

But now you have really made me to think  at right direction, how to keep myself away from you and not to have any feelings towards you  and finally ignore all of  you…

Thanks again for everything!!!!!

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