Men vs Women…

I really don’t  wish to compare men with women..But after reading the below news,I was forced to write this Post..

As per newspapers and news channels, Ramkumar, Ms.Swathi’s suspected killer, had said to Police that he  was provoked  to kill  Swathi as she insulted his looks and passed comments about his physical appearance..He further said that she also didn’t reciprocate his love..

I really wonder how foolishly and ruthlessly  he had taken this extreme step and had shattered both the girl’s and her family’s dreams..

It is not about Swathi’s case alone..Another girl had been murdered in Telungana as she denied to love the boy..There are many cases in which girls faced acid attacks also..

This made me think of what happens  generally nowadays in men and women relationship..

OK, let us start from first, when a boy first meets the girl ..In most of the cases, a boy selects a girl based on her looks, whether she is beautiful, pretty, etc…(This is what that commonly  occurs…I know there are exceptions and there are  men who really don’t care about the looks of women)

After this selection only he starts following her …Then he tries to persuade the girl to love him..Now it is the turn of the girl to judge the boy based on his appearance, status, job, etc….(There are exceptions and there are women who don’t care about physical beauty for men and select men based on their good character).. If she likes him, she reciprocates his love and If not rejects him..

Now my question is if boys can select the girl based on appearance, why the girls also shouldn’t do the same??? What is wrong in that???

In this particular murder case, Swathi might had her own expectations  about her future life and as  he didn’t fulfill the same, she might have turned down his offer..So what is wrong with her decision??How could it turn out to be a reason to kill her???

I feel that women are more patient than men when it comes to relationships..Let us consider the following scenarios:

  •  A girl first starts loving a boy and when she proposes to him, he rejects her as she didn’t meet his expectations…Now, what does a girl do normally?? She might be heart broken, angry, etc but will she kill the boy??? I doubt it..She won’t ruthlessly kill the boy..
  • Many women would have faced a situation where she is judged by her physical appearance..She would have  heard both good and bad comments about her looks in her schools, colleges, offices, etc..If somebody comments about her badly, she might scold the person, get angry, cry, etc but will she be provoked to kill the man?? Definitely not..
  • In case of arranged marriages, some women are rejected basis their looks..In many cases, after seeing the brides directly, some men out rightly reject them..She might feel  bad, but definitely not kill the man who rejected her..

So generally, women are more patient than men (there might be some exceptions)…

There are both advantages & disadvantages on being patient..I  personally feel some women are taken for granted due to their patience..

But I am also sure that some basic patience is needed for every one so that nobody is killed ruthlessly in future..

2 thoughts on “Men vs Women…

  1. You have so rightly pointed out the shallow manner in which men choose to ‘court’ women. As if they are going to spend their whole lives just looking at a woman.
    Yes women are more patient but I wonder if they should be.
    And impatience is not the reason why this psycho killed Swathi – he is crazy. Anyone who can take someone else’s life has a psychological problem.

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