Ms.Swathi’s murder aftermath…

  • On 24 th of June, everyone was shocked on ruthless murder of Ms.Swathi in Chennai Nungambakkam Railway Station..Police was in search of the suspected killer and investigation was in full swing..
  • The suspected killer in Ms. Swathi’s  murder has been arrested yesterday late night ..Thanks to Police force for this arrest..Every one had been blaming the Police for not finding out the murderer …But now as they had nabbed the suspect, can’t we congratulate them??? Police had thrived really hard to catch the killer and there was high pressure on them from all…
  • The killer had injured himself in his neck when Police tried to catch him  and  is admitted in hospital as of now ..Motive for murder is unknown..So let’s wait and stop speculating the reasons…
  • Swathi is already killed..Please let us not kill her character again..I feel nobody has rights to judge a person without knowing full details..
  • Swathi’s parents and family are really suffering a lot..Apart from losing their daughter, they are now watched and questioned  by media where ever they go..I understand collection of sensational news is important for media..But privacy is needed for the family which is in  utmost grief now…Dear media, they are now in severe mental stress on losing their daughter, please let them at least grieve in peace..
  • I was watching some English News channels coverage on this murder..They reported as if Chennai is full of heartless people..It is true that on the day of murder, some persons in railway station, didn’t help Swathi and didn’t try to stop the murder..I am not justifying their behavior..It is a terrible mistake..But it doesn’t mean that all are bad in Chennai..Please don’t generalize people..Many such incidents happen all over India and will you report  that people in all  those cities are bad??? I am in Chennai for a decade and I feel my city is safest city in our country..Helping tendency in people  all over the country had reduced drastically and unless there is change in mindset of people, nothing will change..
  • I hope that the suspected killer will be proven guilty and Justice will prevail..
  • I pray that Swathi’s murder should be the last such incident and may her soul rest in peace..

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