Being Grateful…

Whenever I crib about what I don’t have in life, my Husband will always point out  about what I have in my life ..He is sure that one can be happy if he/she is grateful in life..

So this prompted me to explore benefits of being grateful..

If I am grateful:

  •  I can be thankful & happy about good things in life, and I can acknowledge everything that I receive in my life..It helps me to shift my focus from what I lack to what i have ..
  • I will  start appreciating simple things that I previously took for granted..
  • Comparing myself with others will reduce…Why’d I compare if I am thankful of what I have as of now??
  • I will be more optimistic and my relationship with others will be very good…
  • I can face daily challenges with a smile and cope up with stress…

So let me try to be grateful for all obstacles in my life as they have provided strength to me to continue and move on in my life..

Finally, I should be really  grateful that I don’t  have whatever I wish for ..My life would  really have been boring if I had everything..Then there will be nothing to look forward in  my life….


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