It’s OK to cry at times..

Sometimes things won’t happen as we wish and we could be depressed to the core..

I feel it is OK to shed some tears at those times and try to come out of it..

Why should we repress our feelings ??? If we repress the same, then pain will only intensify…

Why can’t we show our true emotions out at least to ourselves???

I personally don’t see tears as sign of weakness – I feel expressing our feelings as tears might help us to move forward in life..

If I Cry, it doesn’t mean that I am weak – It’s my way for coming out of stress..

If we feel bad to cry in front of others, we can always cry when we are alone, that usually most of us do…

I really don’t accept that men shouldn’t cry like women…Why men shouldn’t cry???

They are also human beings and not machines…Why men should take all stress to themselves and not let it out???

Atleast for crying, there should be no gender disparities…

I feel being a crybaby  at times is not wrong…


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