Rest in Peace, Swathi..

I was shocked, when I heard that a young girl Swathi, who worked in Infosys was hacked to death at Nungambakkam Railway Station, Chennai, yesterday morning..She was waiting for train to reach her office..The person killed her and also escaped from the spot..

I am totally upset on hearing this..I don’t know that girl..But my mind is full of questions on the way she was brutally killed..

I can’t even think of her family’s condition , how grief stricken they will be now..

Now Railway Police had released the picture of the suspect killer..I hope they will arrest him soon…

I don’t  even want to think on question why he killed her..Whatever be the reason, he doesn’t have any rights to kill her..

I want to ask following questions to the killer :

  • Do you know how bad is to shatter her dreams and  make her end her life suddenly??
  • Do you know how many sacrifices her parents would have done to bring her up, educate her ?? You better ask your parents..I am sure you will never understand as you lack basic good qualities…
  • Are you really human??? I doubt it…
  • I  really pity on your parents as they should be ashamed now for bringing you up like this…
  • What did you get by killing this girl?? Don’t you have self  conscience??

Now let’s come to question of safety – I am travelling in Chennai suburban trains for past 8 years..I board at a station which is small and not as busy as Nungambakkam…I have traveled early morning and also at late night trains..There may be lack of CCTV  at some stations…

This cold blooded murder happened at early morning and there had been passengers during that time….Nobody had even tried to stop the murderer and he had escaped easily..I watched in news that nobody is ready to be eye witness for this murder as of now…

Now we are questioning about safety for women …

But I strongly feel, in addition to safety aspect, I think it is high time that we ask the following questions to ourselves:

  • Why we have become less compassionate towards our fellow human beings??
  • Why we fear to stop any injustice?? We need not be like film heroes, but at least can’t we even try to stop any wrong thing which happens before us???
  • Will we behave in the same way if our relatives/friends face this situation??

This indifferent attitude of ours is not only in Chennai, but also all over our country..

I know we will feel pity of her and Media will talk about her for some days and  after that we all  will conveniently forget the same…Unless there is a change in our thinking, nothing will change here…

RIP Swathi…

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